Live in Taichung and Taoyuan, Taiwan

Department of Civil Engineering,
National Central University (NCU)

Lighting Crew, 
National Central University Drama Performance Team

Arts Administrator,
Sirius Harmonica Ensemble

High school student,
Taichung First Senior High School (TCFSH)

Vice President, 
The Harmonica Club,
Taichung First Senior High School (TCFSH)
Cheng Han Yang

I have a keen interest in observing the people, events, and objects around me, particularly those related to the design field. I pay special attention to design works such as the main visual of annual award ceremonies like the Golden Melody Awards, peripheral posters for local celebrations or concerts, and more.

In addition, I enjoy reading specific publications that align with my preferences, such as "小日子," Performing Arts Review and "The Affairs 週刊編集." I delve into these materials to study high-quality layout and illustrations, considering them as nourishment for my future creative endeavors.

This passion for observation and appreciation for design extends beyond the visual realm into the realm of performing arts and editorial content. It fuels my curiosity and serves as inspiration for my future creations. I am excited about the prospect of merging these influences into my academic and artistic journey, allowing me to contribute meaningfully to the world of design and beyond.

Welcome to use Email or social media to reach out to me.
YANGCHENGHAN CO. Drawing is a primal act, not aimed at precision but at capturing the pure emotions of the moment. — Lin Yuanyuan"